Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greatest, Best, and Biggest

I was planning on writing something different today, but due certain events I've changed my mind. Those who know me, know I have a wonderful boss. Well, while I was working he noticed my tires on my car were getting a little bald. Yes, he did what you are thinking. He drove my car to Les Schwab and put 4 brand new tires on my car.

I got 3 other one just like this one. YEAH!!

Because I have a great boss I decided to make a list of great things.

Best Boss: My Boss

Best time to be alive: Now

Best love song: Mary May & Bobby by Joe Purdy

Greatest Food: Soft cheese the kind you can put on a baguette

Best Friends: My friends (thanks for still hanging out even after you ALL got married)

Best looking person I know: Wouldn't you like to know

My biggest crush right now: Not getting that one either

Best band that makes you want to put a fist in the air and sing: H2O

Greatest challenge: Believing there is a loving God (this is NOT an opportunity to bear testimony)

Greatest accomplishment: Proving my dad wrong when I moved out for the first time (he said I'd last 6 months, I lasted a year)

Best Cafe: Ville Bella in Ogden

These are some of my best, greatest, and biggest I can think of right now. buuuuuuuuuu bye.


jordan said...

I beg to differ with the whole "best cafe" business. Caffe Molise downtown SLC. You bedda recognize sucka.

Your boss is awesome btw.

SAKS said...

I have to agree about the cafe molise thing because skip ordered the best freakin meat ever there once. Villa Bella is definitely a lot more affordable though... Oh and i already ran out of my free plays of the mary may song so i hope you are burning me a copy right now.

Laurel Leaves said...

I admire your announcement to post your deep secrets and then withhold them. rofl.