Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talk Radio And My Brain

Today I listened to Sean Hannity. I know, what the hell was I thinking. I can't believe how much I don't like that guy. Anyway, it seems that shows like that, both liberal and conservative, are shows with information saturated with opinion. What kills me is that most people either agree or disagree with the opinions given. When did we become a society that can't think for ourselves. Can we not just have our own opinion based off the "true" information given. They offer you apples or oranges then say choose. What if I want a freakn' pear, or maybe a pineapple.

That said here are some of my opinions-

-Bail out for automotive companies, bad idea. I agree unemployment is bad but man we have the let the chips fall. I don't want to reward anyone for bad decisions. (That was my opinion with the other bail outs too, for better or worse) I should know about unemployment at any day I could wake up and there be no work for me, I'm not asking for a handout I'll just do what I've always do, WORK ANYWHERE. I think Americans can still do this. This are going to get bad, but it has to happen. In the words of Reagan. "If not now, when? And if not us, who?"

-Prop 8. I was against but it passed so I'm moving on.

-Barrock Obama. For. Now that he is in lets see what he can do, hopefully good things. After four years we can reevaluate. Lets give him a chance before we try to destroy him.

-Cool quote from a movie, that has nothing to do with politics. "I'm not happy, but I'm not unhappy about it" (this is not how I feel I just liked the quote)

-Random thought I had the other day. I was working and saw some kid and I thought if he shot me dead I would hope someone would shave my head and beard with my beard trimmer before the viewing. Weird, I know. Even weirder is that was my only concern. lol.

-Done. Cherrio, friends.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hotel Cafe Tour

So I wanted to post how great the Hotel Cafe Tour was, with pics and videos but Sarah already did it, and basically what she said is what I would say also. So if you haven't seen it on her page GO HERE!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Who would have thought Facebook could be such a battle ground. I guess I have a lot of pent up frustration because I've been on the attack with acquaintances and friends on Facebook. My own personal virtual Gettysburg of Civil Rights. I think that whole mess over proposition 8 is crazy. Let them marry, it isn't my business to tell anyone what they can or cannot do, and HOLY CRAP when did the church start telling us how to vote. That really bugs me. Peace out bitches.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So for the past month I've been talking a lot about the Hotel Cafe Tour. I'm going to see Meiko, but there are also a lot of other great artists. So here are a few that will be there that I'm excited to see.

Go HERE for her video

Emily Wells

Rachael Yamagata
This will be one hell of a good show. If you haven't figured it out yet it's going to be an all female line up. Go HERE for more!!!!!!!!!