Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh blessed rock guitar

So the news in the rock world, if you haven't heard, is the little dispute between Joe Satriani and Coldplay (thanks for bringing this to my attention Mike). Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay for plagiarism for the song Viva La Vida. You take a look and decide for yourself.

Because Joe Satrianis playing woke a great memory of another great guitar solo song, one I may have never heard of it it wasn't for Guitar Hero 3. Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. I don't know what it is about about this song but it makes me have an audible orgasm, if thats possible. The song is lovely and it makes me cry sweet sweet beautiful tears. Here are two videos one is just of the song, the other is a live version. Watching the live version is great because you get to see him shred, but theres a problem. There is a 5 minute and 50 second intro (what can I say it's guitar rock). So listen and watch at least one of these if you choose the live version, which I hope you do, fast forward to the 5:30 mark.

Studio Version

Live version

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greatest, Best, and Biggest

I was planning on writing something different today, but due certain events I've changed my mind. Those who know me, know I have a wonderful boss. Well, while I was working he noticed my tires on my car were getting a little bald. Yes, he did what you are thinking. He drove my car to Les Schwab and put 4 brand new tires on my car.

I got 3 other one just like this one. YEAH!!

Because I have a great boss I decided to make a list of great things.

Best Boss: My Boss

Best time to be alive: Now

Best love song: Mary May & Bobby by Joe Purdy

Greatest Food: Soft cheese the kind you can put on a baguette

Best Friends: My friends (thanks for still hanging out even after you ALL got married)

Best looking person I know: Wouldn't you like to know

My biggest crush right now: Not getting that one either

Best band that makes you want to put a fist in the air and sing: H2O

Greatest challenge: Believing there is a loving God (this is NOT an opportunity to bear testimony)

Greatest accomplishment: Proving my dad wrong when I moved out for the first time (he said I'd last 6 months, I lasted a year)

Best Cafe: Ville Bella in Ogden

These are some of my best, greatest, and biggest I can think of right now. buuuuuuuuuu bye.