Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Neighborhood.

There are many things I like about San Francisco, and anyone who has spent time in San Francisco knows of the great differences of each district. My district is the Mission District. On a beautiful Saturday, like today, I decided to take a little stroll two blocks away to a little place called big mouth burgers. Just getting down the few blocks to this joint can be a eye overload of all things Latin and coolness.

First lets cruise on by the cool Murals If your wall don't look like this then it's going to have all sorts of tags on it.

After the Murals I got to hit the BART station, where at any time I could be bombarded by religious zealots seeking souls to save, protesters against anything and everything, but today I got lucky there was a little band gracing mine and all the bystanders ears around.

Finally, my destination and my reward.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A tid bit

Well today in the bay area (I sound so local now) it was a "B" "A" utiful day. Highs in the low 70's and sunshine for miles. Sun makes me smile. Now a list of this and that.

Work: Sucky right now
Cool hang out:
Progress on my class B license: Driving test on Thursday
Number of times I've been to the DMV since arriving in CA: 8
Typical wait time at the DMV: 2 hours
Music: La Roux
Super Sweet awesome site for spectacles: Warby Parker
Delicious food: Everywhere in my neighborhood
Wonderful People: Most back in Utah :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

boy, it's been a long time

Well hello hello it has been a long long time. I should have a lot to write about and I probably do, but I just can't seem to get my thoughts together to put down all that I should. So what I'm going to do is just write down what I've been doing and thinking and liking in no particular order, an oil spill of thoughts if I may. First off, I'm filling in at work for a good friend of mine who broke his arm surfing the waves where Maverick is held at. Hang in there Luke, and just another reason why I won't going surfing with you. #1 the water is effing cold #2 SHARKS man, I know they are out there #3 Salt water makes me gag, and the newest reasons #4 big waves break bones. This new responsibility is a part time thing until Luke is back. The title is Plant Health Care Technician. What I do is call people to schedule appointments to fertilize their trees. It's pretty easy, no wait so far it's been I'm falling asleep damn easy, but I'm glad to get the opportunity to learn another side of the tree business, Thanks Hefe Jason. Now my other responsibilities on the other hand have the tendency to be, how can I put this. Back breaking, leg aching, and entire body exhausting. Side note, if you ever need gloves and my buddy Jason is your boss, don't ask him to pick some up for you. He will bring you pink gloves. Lesson learned, be prepared.
Well like most years for Christmas I seem to be able to give me my Christmas present early. Thanks for the Wii mom. Sarah loves it. This gift was great. I really like the Wii. The only problem is Sarah loves it. My xbox doesn't get as much attention as it used to. Too bad to, because I just got two great games. Assassins Creed II, AAAAWESOME. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 pretty good.

Now this wouldn't be a Dash post if it didn't involve a few tunes that I'm loving right now. Alicia Keys damn you. You did it agai,n you sultry vixen you. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart is my Jam. I could listen to this little diddy on repeat all day long. The other two, Matt and Kim, thank you again Skip, and La Roux. La Roux is fun synth type stuff. A lot of her songs are good so check them out. I'm out, I gots to go buy yarn. See ya in like 6 months. Hopefully not, but I'm not making any promises.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not as good as Mels

So this post isn't as good as my sister Melanie's but it's a good song non the less.

Unfortunately I'm to lazy to find the actual video to embed so if you want to see the video click HERE.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on the left and about 20 feet of the ground.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An interesting 7 days

So I wanted to write a quick little blerp about an interesting and eventful 7 days I've had. First event was small but pretty friggn' awesome all the same. I'm at work at work, Toby is in the bucket truck pruning a big eucalyptus tree, and right there on one of the branches I see a squirrel take 3 hops to 3 branches and then take flight about 50 feet up and sail safely to the ground, suuuuweeeeet.

Well San Francisco sucks for parking, and at times I've had to park a few blocks away from my apartment. One afternoon I had to walk to my car and there at my car is where I saw cool moment #2. A couple in a little nook on the street making out like crazy. First I thought the dude was homeless and the girl was a street walker if you catch my drift. First impression was definitely wrong, they were just a really odd looking couple who liked to get it on in the alley. The chicks leg was up against the wall and they one layer of clothing from a full on x rated session. Priceless.

This next thing was definitely topped all the other. Getting a little lunch when low and behold, what comes riding by outside on the street. A train of naked bikers. Men and women, mostly men, naked from head to toe. Yes I did see some wieners, and some boobies. Hilarious. I don't know why I was notified of naked bike riding day.