Monday, October 20, 2008

Someone forgot to erase those pictures, lol.

This is my sister in-law Sarah and her sister Laura, and this is what happens when you take pics with my camera and then forgets to erase them. I post them for the world to see these two in all their geek glory.


Sarah and Laura (I must be taking an oath in the background)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love it!!

I wish more artists would do this. Pick up a camera, a guitar, and just play. This is more of Meiko. Nov 12, in Salt Lake. Who's going with me?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stuff on my mind

The other day, on my long drive to work, my mind was lost in deep thought. For the whole journey I kept pondering about some really good stuff, and thinking to myself I got to blog this. Well, now when I have the time to actually do that. I can remember very little about the train of thoughts that I had. One string was on honesty, and the other things that haunt me. Like Nissan Altimas, why are there so many on the road? Errrrrr.
Honesty is an interesting subject, especially with ourselves, and others around us. How many masks do we wear? We have professional masks, family masks, friend masks, etc… Of course in certain situations one would have to behave accordingly, but there comes a point when you really put on a show for others. Maybe it’s because you are afraid of what others may think. I’m sure there are dozens of reasons. I’ve been pondering about the masks I’ve been wearing lately, some because I don’t want to disappoint loved ones. The perfect example is this current tattoo that I want. I have already decided to get it, and I know where I’m going to get it. I’ll be able to cover this tattoo pretty easily, but if I were to wear a t-shirt it will be seen. The struggle I fight in my head is when and where will I choose to cover it. I’ve decided that I’m just not going to tell my folks, few of my siblings, and probably not my boss. Of course they will find out eventually but that’s a stress I don’t want to deal with. Why, I ask myself. I love my mother, and my father, and of course I don’t want to disappoint them. This tattoo won’t be their favorite thing, they don’t like them and they wouldn’t want me to get one. I’m different I think they are fine, great actually. I love tattoos. I love my parents. Why is it when someone makes a personal decision, one that doesn’t affect anyone but themselves, it still seems to involve everyone else and their opinions? I guess I should just not worry about it, but how could I not.