Sunday, June 21, 2009

An interesting 7 days

So I wanted to write a quick little blerp about an interesting and eventful 7 days I've had. First event was small but pretty friggn' awesome all the same. I'm at work at work, Toby is in the bucket truck pruning a big eucalyptus tree, and right there on one of the branches I see a squirrel take 3 hops to 3 branches and then take flight about 50 feet up and sail safely to the ground, suuuuweeeeet.

Well San Francisco sucks for parking, and at times I've had to park a few blocks away from my apartment. One afternoon I had to walk to my car and there at my car is where I saw cool moment #2. A couple in a little nook on the street making out like crazy. First I thought the dude was homeless and the girl was a street walker if you catch my drift. First impression was definitely wrong, they were just a really odd looking couple who liked to get it on in the alley. The chicks leg was up against the wall and they one layer of clothing from a full on x rated session. Priceless.

This next thing was definitely topped all the other. Getting a little lunch when low and behold, what comes riding by outside on the street. A train of naked bikers. Men and women, mostly men, naked from head to toe. Yes I did see some wieners, and some boobies. Hilarious. I don't know why I was notified of naked bike riding day.


Skankstas said...

lol you need to start carrying a video camera with you so you can document this shit!

How Time Flies... said...

I can see why you may want to stay there Dash! We miss you and want you back! Love you;)