Tuesday, December 8, 2009

boy, it's been a long time

Well hello hello it has been a long long time. I should have a lot to write about and I probably do, but I just can't seem to get my thoughts together to put down all that I should. So what I'm going to do is just write down what I've been doing and thinking and liking in no particular order, an oil spill of thoughts if I may. First off, I'm filling in at work for a good friend of mine who broke his arm surfing the waves where Maverick is held at. Hang in there Luke, and just another reason why I won't going surfing with you. #1 the water is effing cold #2 SHARKS man, I know they are out there #3 Salt water makes me gag, and the newest reasons #4 big waves break bones. This new responsibility is a part time thing until Luke is back. The title is Plant Health Care Technician. What I do is call people to schedule appointments to fertilize their trees. It's pretty easy, no wait so far it's been I'm falling asleep damn easy, but I'm glad to get the opportunity to learn another side of the tree business, Thanks Hefe Jason. Now my other responsibilities on the other hand have the tendency to be, how can I put this. Back breaking, leg aching, and entire body exhausting. Side note, if you ever need gloves and my buddy Jason is your boss, don't ask him to pick some up for you. He will bring you pink gloves. Lesson learned, be prepared.
Well like most years for Christmas I seem to be able to give me my Christmas present early. Thanks for the Wii mom. Sarah loves it. This gift was great. I really like the Wii. The only problem is Sarah loves it. My xbox doesn't get as much attention as it used to. Too bad to, because I just got two great games. Assassins Creed II, AAAAWESOME. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 pretty good.

Now this wouldn't be a Dash post if it didn't involve a few tunes that I'm loving right now. Alicia Keys damn you. You did it agai,n you sultry vixen you. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart is my Jam. I could listen to this little diddy on repeat all day long. The other two, Matt and Kim, thank you again Skip, and La Roux. La Roux is fun synth type stuff. A lot of her songs are good so check them out. I'm out, I gots to go buy yarn. See ya in like 6 months. Hopefully not, but I'm not making any promises.


Eric said...

Cute gloves.

Laura said...

You've risen from the dead!

The Bruces said...

Dash you need to update the Blog, Or just post more on Face Book so we can see how you are doing and see more pic's!

Anonymous said...

this post made me feel good.. im glad to know im not the only one who gags with the whole salt water thing. Weirdly Hawaiian salt water does not have an adverse effect on me...especially weird cause I swallowed much more while being attacked by the waves in hawaii then I ever did swimming in california... go figure. Hope things are good!