Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Convention

So I've always wanted to go to a Tattoo convention and this year is no different. The only problem is it's snowing like a beast right now, and I really don't like driving to Salt Lake in the snow. In addition to that problem, I have to be back in Syracuse to rock the house in a little fund raiser for this Baptist Church/School. It probably wont be that rocky unless you like a few cover songs from Paul McCartney to Jason Mraz. Well, my hopes of going to the convention are not completely extinguished. It's going on tomorrow, and I'll go alone if I have to. Check out this link to Fox News, my artist is interviewed. His name is Mike J he is wearing the hat and glasses. Look for the Tattoo convention story in the Top Stories list.


jordan said...

My hubby will be there tonight. I hope you get to go!

Laura said...

i went the last two years its pretty can watch someone get a tat the way they did it in the old days, freaky!
PS. I LOVE the artwork for the advertisment